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The MARK THE HELPER offer includes certified work and protective clothing, suitable for specific working conditions, whose quality meets proper standards. Products from this collection are classic models, which are the basic elements of work clothing.


CE marked workwear indicates compliance with the requirements set out in the EU PPER 2016/425/EU Regulation on Personal Protective Equipment, among others, as well as the relevant standards, which ensures its safety and assurance of protection. EN ISO 13688 specifies the basic requirements for manufacturers of workwear. It is not used alone, but in conjunction with other standards for protection against specific hazards, such as protection against cold and high-visibility clothing.


Mark the Helper warning apparel is a line of 5 basic health and safety workwear products incorporating reflective tapes for maximum visibility and worker safety. They are certified products that meet the EN ISO 20471:2013/A1:2016 standard. Mark the Helper warning apparel meets the requirements for protection class 2 (medium protection level) or 3 (the highest protection level).


The Mark the Helper collection includes workwear models designed for repeated industrial washings: 77200 T-shirt Worker and 77400 Polo Worker. The quality of the products takes into account the specialized laundering processes used by workwear rental, service and laundering facilities. Mark the Helper industrial laundry garments have been prepared using special yarns and dyes and thoroughly tested. The tests consisted of 50 wash cycles at 60°C (white at 85°C) and tumble drying - the shirts retained their shape and appearance.


Mark the Helper is also a classic workwear product that meets the EN 14058 standard for thermal comfort in cold environments. The cut and the materials selected and tested ensure that a product complying with this standard provides protection in environments with temperatures above -5°C. This product group includes: 77625 New Road, 77640 Guard and 77600 Fleece Hi-vis.


Thermoactive underwear is the most popular piece of workwear. It is perfect for people working in cold climates and those who are constantly on the move. It is made in seamless technology with the use of various weave zones for optimal thermal comfort. Breathable, quick drying knit has an antibacterial finish to prevent odours. Available in 77111 Thermo Set and, separately, in 77100 Thermo T-shirt and 77101 Leggings Thermo.


Mark the Helper hats can be the perfect complement to your workwear. The collection includes 3 models of hats for various purposes: 77300 Cap Glare, 77350 Arctic, 31800 Spike (PromoStars).

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